AdBlue® for cars, vans and trucks

What is AdBlue®

Since the introduction of Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards, more and more car manufacturers choose to apply AdBlue® for cars, vans and trucks. Using AdBlue® enables a reduction of up to 85% of harmful NOx emissions.

AdBlue® is a trademark name for AUS32, a solution of 32.5% urea in demineralised water. AdBlue® is transported in a separate tank on trucks and vans. Recently also, more and more cars are equipped with AdBlue® tanks.

AdBlue® is registered as a trademark by the VDA ( German Association of the Automotive Industry).

Pumps and dispensers for filling AdBlue® in cars and trucks

Additionnaly to the supply of AdBlue®, Hypertrade also produces a complete range of AdBlue® refilling and dispensing equipment to refill cars, vehicles, trucks and machines.

This allows us to offer the complete solution: AdBlue® and AdBlue®-dispensing equipment.

Discover the entire range of our AdBlue® refilling equipment units.

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AdBlue® 1000L IBC

1000 liter drums AdBlue ® by BASF to refill larger quantities